superannuation balance

Does your super balance match your age?

How much super should you have at your age? A healthy super balance is key to being able to live the life you want in retirement. But for many Aussies, retirement is a long way off, and it is difficult to know whether your super is keeping up. If you’ve ...
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pocket money

How much should kids get for pocket money?

Pocket money is often the first experience kids have with saving, spending, earning and sharing money. Watch this video to find out how much the average Aussie kid gets ...
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The Invisible-Money Generation: We ask them the hard stuff…

We want to inspire Australians to pass on healthy money habits and skills with the next generation, the “Invisible-Money Generation”, who sometimes struggle to grasp the value of real money. Hear what kids have to say about money or ask your own kids the same question: ...
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teaching 4-6 year olds

I Want it Now: Teaching 4-6 year olds about money

“But I want it now!” Every parent no doubt hears these words from their children daily; “Mum/Dad, can I get a new… I want a … But Sarah has one …” So what’s your response? Are you taking the opportunity to start teaching your kids the foundation of money management? ...
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financial stress

Financial Stress: Are you suffering?

Close to one in three Aussies are feeling the financial pinch, with money worries leading to sleep loss, relationship conflicts, isolation, and a wide range of further problems. These were the findings of the inaugural Financial Stress Index, compiled by the global research firm CoreData on behalf of Financial Mindfulness, ...
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