Your Ticket to Financial Freedom in 7 Steps

I often sit down with clients and talk about their dreams and goals for their life. And in nearly every case, financial freedom is in their top five goals. But what does this term mean in practice? And how can you make it happen? Financial freedom can mean different things ...
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What does a third child mean for your spending?

We just had our third child! And while the step from two to three has so far not been financially difficult (lots of hand-me-downs), for some families it can be a real challenge. Where I see the greatest struggles are in one income families, when one of the parents has ...
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BITCOIN – should you have it?

If I could sum up the contents of my junk emails over the last 12 months in a single word it would be: Bitcoin. I can’t tell you how many unsolicited invitations I’ve received to start trading bitcoin – you may have experienced the same thing. This alone is a concern but when ...
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A new addition to the 7Wealth Family

On the 7th of March at 4:54pm we welcomed our 3rd child to the world. We named him Huxley Julius Harris and his big sister Sophia and brother Beau approved him instantly. All photos by me ...
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New rules explained to benefit first home buyers and downsizers

Changes aimed at improving housing affordability have passed through parliament. See what the new rules could mean for you.  Government proposals to improve housing affordability in Australia were passed through parliament on 7 December 2017. As part of the amendments, first home buyers will be given a tax concession through the ...
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