A TREE CHANGE – is it for you?

Clean air, wide open spaces, and blissful peace and quiet. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like that? Well, clearly many people feel the same, as we’re seeing more and more people through our offices in Gisborne and Launceston opting for a tree/sea change. We were curious, so ...
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Let’s talk about LMI

We all want to save as much as possible before buying our dream house – the more you save, the less you pay interest on! But sometimes you find the house you know you want while still on your saving journey. So what happens if you don’t have that 20% ...
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Fixed Vs Variable Interest rate

Fixed Vs Variable Interest Rate – Fight!

So, about your home loan interest rate. When to fix your interest rate is a question we always get asked by clients, so let’s share our professional response! Firstly, let’s outline what a fixed or variable rate is, and the key factors you’ll need to consider. A fixed rate? This ...
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8 Tips of Self-Diagnosing your Finances

8 tips to self-diagnosing your finances

Starting a New Year is the perfect opportunity to clean up your habits, get your life on track, and make sure you’re living the way you want to. Whether you’re worrying about health and fitness, love, travel, work, or just about anything else, it all relates back to your money ...
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Financial Planning

When NOT to See a Financial Planner

Before we delve into a topic I've been wanting to talk about for a while now, a short disclaimer: this post is only reflective of how we do things here at 7Wealth and may not be applicable to every other financial planning practice, as effective financial planning can come in ...
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