Who We Are

James and Vanessa Harris started 7 Wealth because they wanted to
help people understand and finally feel in control of their finances.
Financial planning can be a scary concept, but with the right support,
planning and honesty, James and Vanessa believe it needn’t be.

The couple has tackled the real-world challenges many do: managing
single incomes, budgeting for holidays, preparing for a child’s
education, and sacrificing special treats to pay the bills. It’s been tough
at times, but James and Vanessa have pulled through and are taking
what they’ve learnt and got really good at (financial planning, that is)
to help you and your family.

While Vanessa trained as a primary school teacher at the University of
Tasmania, James graduated with a Commerce Degree from the same
institution. After moving to Victoria over a decade ago from a sleepy
country town in the Apple Isle’s north,
James continued his
passion for finance. With further financial planning study and working
with AMP, the respected industry leader.

Along the way the couple built a house, an investment property
portfolio and maintained a savings plan into managed funds.They’ve
continued to broaden their skills and knowledge of the finance
industry, while raising three young children -Sophia, Beau and Huxley.


James and Vanessa have
been committed in creating
7Wealth and promise to be
as dedicated to improving
your finances.

7 Wealth the Luckiest Number

We get asked a lot about our name, and the answer’s simple: 7 is the lucky number plus you need numbers to plan your day and life. It also forms our seven specialist areas of wealth. So you see, it was a match made in heaven.


Giving Back

7 Wealth values the importance of giving to those in the community who really need help.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be part of the AMP Cancer Council Pro Bono Program, which supports people affected by cancer across Regional Victoria by offering the expertise of a qualified financial advisor free of charge.

If you or someone you know is in this situation, please give us a call.