Investments & Savings

Investors: What do they look like?

Well, YOU actually! Whether you are an experienced investor or a beginner, there are plenty of steps you can take to grow your wealth (and keep it safe). You don’t think you look like an investor? 7 Wealth can turn you into a savvy investor that looks just like you, ...
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5 ways Australians will use their tax return this year

With nearly one in three people planning to save their tax return, have you considered what you might do with yours?  This year more than 75% of Australians expect to receive a tax return, with a large portion of the population planning to use the money they receive to take ...
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Saving in a material world

It’s not easy to be thrifty in our consumer society. We’re surrounded by so much temptation that it can be difficult to avoid spending money.  So why not try taking a break from spending? If you can tighten your belt on the little things, it can help ensure you have ...
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