If you’re confident your finances are functioning at 100%, congratulations, you’ve obviously done your homework.

Here are some tools that may help to ensure you are on track.

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Whether you’re saving for
a home of your own, a
holiday, a car or for later
down the track, this
savings calculator can help
you plan and manage your
savings goals.

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Want a home and need to
borrow money to buy it,
then use this calculator as
a guide to know how much
you may need to borrow.

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How Long Can I expect to Live?

Our ‘How long can I expect to
live? quiz’ helps you
determine how long you may
live. This estimate can be
useful for calculating
whether or not you have
enough savings to last
throughout your retirement.

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Loan Repayment Calculator

Our ‘Loan repayment
calculator’ allows you to
determine your minimum
weekly, fortnightly or
monthly loan repayments
would be for any borrowed

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Our ‘Salary sacrifice calculator’
helps you to compare the
effect on take home pay and
super contributions by
making personal super
contributions using two
different methods, ie as
a salary sacrifice contribution or
as an after-tax contribution.

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Know the tax you pay each
year based on your income,
you will be surprised..

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Cost of

Whether your children get
public or private schooling, or
go on to undertake tertiary
studies afterwards, the cost of
educating your children can be
one of the bigger investments
you’ll make in life. Try our ‘Cost
of education calculator’ to
illustrate what it may cost you.