Top 5 new years resolutions

Top 5 New Years Resolutions & how to WIN on 1.

With a new year kicking off we often feel the need to hit the reset button on our old habits and create some new ones. I personally think anytime is a good time to do this, and you don’t have to wait till the end of a calendar year. New ...
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interest only loans

Heard of interest only loans?

They do serve a purpose but only in certain situations. An interest-only loan is one that during the interest-only period (typically 5-10 years), your repayments only cover the interest owed to the bank, without paying any of the principal off the loan. While this will result in lower repayments compared ...
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Debt Recycling

Borrow money to make money

Of course this doesn't sit well for everyone but it’s a proven strategy for those who are willing to take on risk. The technical name is Debt Recycling and it's when you use tax-deductible debt setup for an investment portfolio (like investments in shares, investment properties, managed funds or any ...
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save on your mortgage

Bank Secrets to Destroy Your Mortgage

We share the secrets bank and lenders don’t tell you to pay off your mortgage quicker and become debt free.  See if you already do these four tips to save interest on your mortgage: 1. Repayment Frequency Do you pay your mortgage repayments monthly? If so, did you know you ...
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A TREE CHANGE – is it for you?

Clean air, wide open spaces, and blissful peace and quiet. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like that? Well, clearly many people feel the same, as we’re seeing more and more people through our offices in Gisborne and Launceston opting for a tree/sea change. We were curious, so ...
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