Start Your Financial Year With a Confident Smile

The start of a new financial year is always a good time to review your finances, and make sure they’re all on track. To help you start this financial year with a confident smile, we present our 8 steps to financial readiness for 2018. 1.Check in on your goals. You ...
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What’s your Plan B?

A month ago, our life was turned upside down. Our youngest son, only 7 weeks old at the time, spent six days in the ICU at the Royal Children’s Hospital. He had bronchiolitis, which made it hard for him to breathe, and RSV, a really bad cold. Those six days ...
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The Queen’s Birthday Earnings: How Much Exactly?

After a refreshing Queen’s birthday long weekend, we thought there was no better time than now to discover how much the Queen earns, and where it comes from. Surprisingly, she is a property tycoon! Forbes estimates the Queen’s private net worth at around $728 million (in AUD). Her majesty receives ...
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The different types of Personal Cover

To know what the different types of insurance cover there is - Life, TPD, Income Protection and Trauma here is a visual aid to understand why you may want all 4 types in your life. If you would like us to work out what you should have, how much cover ...
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How the Barefoot Investor’s $10,920,000 Helps Us!

First things first, I think Scott’s book is great. The Barefoot Investor provides the basic steps towards becoming better at money management, and is widely applicable to many people’s financial positions. I love that it has transformed lives, through people following the book’s advice. The book has made people more ...
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