financial planning

When NOT to See a Financial Planner

Before we delve into a topic I've been wanting to talk about for a while now, a short disclaimer: this post is only reflective of how we do things here at 7Wealth and may not be applicable to every other financial planning practice, as effective financial planning can come in ...
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How the Barefoot Investor’s $10,920,000 Helps Us!

First things first, I think Scott’s book is great. The Barefoot Investor provides the basic steps towards becoming better at money management, and is widely applicable to many people’s financial positions. I love that it has transformed lives, through people following the book’s advice. The book has made people more ...
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So what exactly is financial planning?

The “if-I-had-a-dollar-every-time-I-was-asked” question. The dictionary response is: noun a person whose job is to manage the personal finances of clients. "he/she hired a financial planner to make sure he/she was doing everything required to retire comfortably and meet his/her family's financial needs" What I tell people is that whatever your ...
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