I Want it Now: Teaching 4-6 year olds about money

“But I want it now!” Every parent no doubt hears these words from their children daily; “Mum/Dad, can I get a new… I want a … But Sarah has one …” So what’s your response? Are you taking the opportunity to start teaching your kids the foundation of money management? ...
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The Rent-Free Ride. When should your children start paying?

Would you take your child to court to force them out of your home? Well, that’s what it took for a couple in the USA to kick their 30 year old son out of the house. Time reports the parents gave him several eviction notices, and even offered money for ...
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What does a third child mean for your spending?

We just had our third child! And while the step from two to three has so far not been financially difficult (lots of hand-me-downs), for some families it can be a real challenge. Where I see the greatest struggles are in one income families, when one of the parents has ...
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