Tax Reduction & Minimisation

Understanding the options available to you to reduce your tax can be overwhelming and confusing.  We at 7 Wealth will work with your accountant or can recommend a proactive accountant to look at your current situation and recommend the tax reduction & minimisation strategies available to you.  Some of the tax reduction & minimisation strategies have a twofold effect by saving you money and boosting your superannuation savings.  The rules are always changing for tax payers so it’s important to stay up to date with changes and strategies available to you to ensure you maximize every opportunity.

Salary packaging may also be available to you depending on who your employer is.  Salary packaging is using pre-tax income to buy a range of everyday items from cars, eating out or even paying your home loan.  We assist clients by reviewing what’s available to you and then helping you structure this feature in the smartest and most effective way.  Salary packaging is one tax reduction strategy that can be hard to understand, but we at 7 Wealth will make it simple for you.

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