Superannuation Planning

How great would it be to know you have the income you want once you finish your working life? Many clients have come to us unaware of the number of super accounts they have, the insurances they are paying for and overall balances. If this sounds like you 7 Wealth superannuation advice is essential, we will maximize what you have and improve how it is working for you. We can assist you to find where your super is, how much you have and get it working harder. With 7 Wealth as your superannuation planner we will find the best superannuation fund for you and utilize strategies to ensure your transition into retirement is a comfortable one.

Retirement Planning

Your life once you finish your 9-5 work changes. Financially it’s one of the biggest changes in your life, where you stop earning an income and look to start accessing your superannuation and the age pension. We provide clients peace of mind with their retirement planning to ensure they know, how much they have to spend in retirement and how long it will last for. As a retirement planning advisor we ensure you are well prepared for this financial change and can enjoy retirement to the fullest.

The years prior to retirement are also crucial in the retirement planning process, the earlier you plan the better your position will be when the time comes. Utilizing transition into retirement strategies to boost your superannuation and save on tax often maximizes the last few years of your working life. We understand and stay up to date with all the legislative and proposed changes to superannuation, ensuring our clients are compliant and work within the rules and regulations. Our retirement planning advice also involves strategies to maximize any age pension entitlements and ensure you structure your income and assets in the best possible way.

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