About Debt Management

Many of our clients find debt management overwhelming and therefore make no real progress, we at 7 Wealth are here to make this process simpler for you. With our debt management advice, you will develop skills that will ensure you are managing your debt in the best way, we will help you understand the different components of your debt, whether it be mortgage, credit cards, personal loans or store cards. We will fast track your debt reduction by maximizing the features you pay for e.g. repayments and interest rates. With 7 Wealth as your debt management advisor we can help you achieve a debt free date and stop that debt drowning feeling once and for all.

Reflect on these questions:

Carrying extra baggage with your mortgage?
Worrying about your mortgage? Stressing out if it will ever be paid off
Ever planned a date to repay your mortgage? Be DEBT FREE

These are all areas that concern our clients and this is why we now have our Debt Gym Service.

Debt Gym is a dedicated service to help people like you with a mortgage (or getting one) to destroy it quicker than you think.

How we do it?
We now have Anna our dedicated Debt Destroyer and Mortgage Broker who comes with over 14 years’ experience of how big banks operate. She now uses that experience to help people save money, rather than handing more over to your bank.

Who is this for?
1. To shred your existing debt quicker – don’t repay your mortgage over 30 years
2. To gain some debt – buy a home, refinance but also know how to reduce it quicker
3. To have debt the way you want, NOT your bank (who makes money from you)
4. How to use debt to create wealth

Get out of debt faster and smarter with 7 Wealth
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