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Bank Secrets to Destroy Your Mortgage

We share the secrets bank and lenders don’t tell you to pay off your mortgage quicker and become debt free.  See if you already do these four tips to save interest on your mortgage: 1. Repayment Frequency Do you pay your mortgage repayments monthly? If so, did you know you ...
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Your Ticket to Financial Freedom in 7 Steps

I often sit down with clients and talk about their dreams and goals for their life. And in nearly every case, financial freedom is in their top five goals. But what does this term mean in practice? And how can you make it happen? Financial freedom can mean different things ...
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How can I own my home sooner?

It doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams. There are several strategies that could help you pay off your home loan sooner. And it doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the things you love doing today. The first step towards paying off your home sooner is to understand your loan—how much ...
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