How to spend less and save more in 2019

With a new year kicking off we often feel the need to hit the reset button on our old habits and create some new ones.  I personally think anytime is a good time to do this, and you don’t have to wait till the end of a calendar year.  New ...
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Tips to Save Your January this Christmas

This week’s idea came about after achat I had with Peter, the CEO of the personal financial assistant app we use for out clients here at 7Wealth – MoneyBrilliant.What Peter has found is that just after Christmas time, MoneyBrilliant receives an influx of over-zealous Christmas shoppers attempting to get their ...
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Tips For Saving For Your First Home

The first question we get asked by most first home savers is, ‘what are your tips to save for our deposit?’ Some are aiming for a 20% deposit, and others are happy at ten percent, but all feel like they’re years away, especially as house prices rise while they try ...
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superannuation balance

Does your super balance match your age?

How much super should you have at your age? A healthy super balance is key to being able to live the life you want in retirement. But for many Aussies, retirement is a long way off, and it is difficult to know whether your super is keeping up. If you’ve ...
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pocket money

How much should kids get for pocket money?

Pocket money is often the first experience kids have with saving, spending, earning and sharing money. Watch this video to find out how much the average Aussie kid gets ...
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