To budget or not to budget

To budget or not to budget there really is no question. If you think the B word is boring and overwhelming, you are probably someone that really needs one. Being accountable is half the battle. And it can also be fun (yes, I’m serious!). Challenging yourself to get the most out ...
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Financial literacy for staff = business growth

Hands up who HASN’T worried about money from time to time? Whether you are a business owner, managing a divisional budget or an employee, it’s worth remembering that people often go to work with financial worries still on their mind. Employees’ financial worries can have a significant impact on the ...
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Money topics couples should discuss and why you shouldn’t wait

Some conversations are easy. Deciding what's for dinner, what movie to watch or what side of the bed should you should sleep on are some of the day-to-day discussions couples have. But when it comes to finances, it is important that couples are open and honest with each other from ...
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At what age should you start teaching your kids about money?

When you were a kid, did you have a piggy bank? How about a Dollarmite account or were part of another school savings program? These are the furtive seeds taken to educate our children about money. So what exactly do we teach our kids about money? And when should we ...
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Property Investment – Get your ducks in order first

The pitfalls of starting a property investment portfolio when all your other ducks aren’t in order. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, there are still some major pitfalls you need to consider before leaping into investment property. It is true that any opportunity to increase your personal ...
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