Teach your youngest family members money smarts

Children learn a lot from their parents when it comes to money—arm yours for financial success.  When it comes to money, your own behaviour and attitudes can strongly influence your kids. Help your kids to be money smart by demonstrating positive money habits and teaching them valuable lessons as they ...
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Video – James explains 1 thing to help your financial life

With the start of a New Financial Year everyone should have financial goals to work towards. James explains why and how ...
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Watch out for tax scams

Tax time and that means a juicy refund may be just around the corner. It’s a busy time for scammers too, and last year alone 48,000 Australians fell prey to tax scams between July and October. Already this year, the Tax Office has registered over 17,067 scam reports with victims ...
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Video – James shares tax deductions you may not know about

You may or may not be aware of these 5 tax deductions and that they could be a tax reduction for you! ...
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Reduce your bills with these household items

See what things you might have at home that could deliver you cost savings later on. We all enjoy the odd bargain and inexpensive label that delivers quality at a fraction of the price; however, sometimes shelling out a bit more up front can mean greater cost savings down the ...
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