Top apps for the over 50s

With almost 80% of 55-64 year olds and 46% of 64+ year olds on-line in Australia,i there is no denying that the SilverSurfer generation are embracing the World Wide Web – and not just from a computer – phones and tablets are fast becoming the most popular way to discover all ...
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Rules for Being Human

We thought it was worthwhile to share a translation from an ancient Sanskrit (philosophical language of Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism) and how it explains the 9 rules for being human. These rules for being human date back many thousands of years and contains key lesson for everyone, no matter your age: 1. You will receive a ...
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5 Tips for buying your property at an auction

Bidding for a property at auction whether it is for your home or an investment property can be stressful but you can reduce the stress involved. Before you consider bidding use our tips to make sure you’re prepared and know what to expect.  You can also read about understanding renting ...
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Tips and traps of credit

Starting out with a HECS debt is bad enough, but abusing a credit card can also mean trouble. Admittedly it’s tempting to spend with interest rates at current levels, but most credit cards still have double-digit rates.1  Of course a credit card is useful when you don’t have ready cash, ...
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Video-What parents can do to help their children financially

James shares with all parents what they can do to ensure their children are money smart to set them up for a secure financial future ...
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