The 5 worst retirement planning mistakes you are probably making

As a financial planner, I find it really encouraging seeing clients who are well ahead of the game when it comes to understanding their finances and income security. Retirement planning seems to be something that many people are considering earlier on in their lives. That said, I am surprised that ...
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Tradies and Builders- How to succeed in business (and life!)

Financial planning for tradies and builders is really important, and the truth is that it doesn’t just cover investments and retirement planning. As a tradesman or builder, you need to consider the framework for a successful business begins and ends with effective financial planning. And when things are going well ...
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Is off-the-plan on the money?

With rising house prices, is buying off-the-plan for capital growth a good idea? When it comes to property investing, or any investment, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  AMP Capital’s Dr Shane Oliver suggests going in with your eyes open.  Reasons to buy off-the-plan Benefits can exist in ...
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Money can buy you happiness, you’re just spending it wrong

This is the view of Dr Michael Norton from Harvard Business School. Michael’s research indicates that money can indeed make you happy if you use it to buy experiences, time, or invest in others.  Buying experiences – when we buy experiences, we don’t just buy the duration of that experience. Michael’s ...
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5 ways Australians will use their tax return this year

With nearly one in three people planning to save their tax return, have you considered what you might do with yours?  This year more than 75% of Australians expect to receive a tax return, with a large portion of the population planning to use the money they receive to take ...
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