Financial literacy in business for business growth

Is there nothing better than engaged employees? Well yes, there is! It is when you have financially engaged employees. Especially when you run a SME. Financially literate employees tend to be happier and more engaged at work, increasing their productivity as well as having a vested interest in the future ...
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Financial Health Check Video

I share how similar to a health check that a financial one is just as important. There are key areas to consider when completing a check just like your doctor does with your health ...
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The Entrepreneur’s financial checklist

In my experience, the typical ‘financial advisor’ just doesn’t understand entrepreneurs or business owners. They’re used to the archetypal employee structure where there is a guaranteed income every fortnight and a predictable projection. In honour of all the entrepreneurs out there living out their dreams to own and operate successful, ...
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How much do you really need to retire on?

A question I often get asked is “How much money should I have saved in order to retire?” But before I answer this question, there are a number of variables we need to consider which might just change our estimates. Firstly, having an idea of what sort of lifestyle you ...
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Financial Independence is not just for the rich

I’ve dreamt of winning the lottery, quitting my job and taking the family around the world first class. But the chances of that actually happening are statistically around 1 in 14 million. So how can you have a life of financial independence without being mega rich? The long and the ...
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